Major Workshops

October 21, 2016  Adolf Bernd (AB) Influenced Decorative Letters with Peter Thornton
In this brief 1-day workshop and overview of AB’s Letters, we shall look at one of his major contributions to the Letter Arts; his consummate skill in subtlety of tones within water colors. We shall begin with exercises that explore both harmony and contrast and the joy and delight in working with just 6 basic colors (the double primary palette) plus either Neutral Tint (or Paynes Grey). These quiet and subtle tones will give us the vocabulary to play on the fluid and lively Versal letter to produce letters of excitement and spontaneity. Essentially this workshop will be on color and tones in the morning and then, in the afternoon, on the linear modern decorative letter to be the base for our new color skills.

Material list:
Arches MBM (or good water Color paper)
**2 X reds, 2 X blues and 2 yellows plus Neutral Tint and/or Paynes Grey.
All water colors!
Palette and 2 water pots
Good quality pointed brush size 4 (a size 2 and 6 would be helpful, but not essential)
Pencil, layout paper
Zig Millennium .05mm or similar waterproof marker
These below will be fine but there are very many options of each warm and cool color.
Small tubes or small ‘cakes’ of **Cad red and Quin violet, Ultra Marine and Cerulean and Hanna Yellow and Lemon yellow

Fees for this workshop have not been determined. Check back for additional information.

Oct. 22 & 23, 2016 A Capital Weekend with Peter Thornton
In this workshop we shall in a gentle and logical manner, explore some of the many options available to us within this most versatile letter. Beginning with the humble pencil we shall look at the gentler flavor of Casual Capitals that is useful/essential for much of our normal calligraphic work. We shall then work on producing a stronger and more powerful option in pen and ink which we may want for more ‘insistent’ texts and/or for producing a focal point in our work. Much of my own work calls for a certain ‘lightness’ and a sensitivity to the words and here we shall work with both pencil and the pointed nib to produce these ‘whispered words’ that often pull the viewer in to the piece which in turn I feel, allows the message to go deeper within.

Other areas to be covered will be exercises to help with the technique of ‘Pressure and Release’ and simple methods to produce decorative versions of these Capital Letters. Throughout our weekend there will be many short talks and demonstrations to help and clarify certain points. An ‘optional’ pre-set project in pencil will be offered to help the beginning (and intermediate) student and to save a little time.

Material list:
H, HB pencils, knife and sandpaper block to sharpen pencils
Wide range of nibs, sizes, Rexel 4 to Rexel 2, or Brause/Tape 1mm to 2 or 3mm.
Any pointed nib you already have
Black and/or Walnut ink
Layout Pad and ANY better quality paper you already have. e.g. Arches MBM, Text Wove, BFK Rives or similar
And an apple for teacher!
This workshop is open to ALL levels of experience, from the absolute beginner to the outrageously over confident! (These are Peter’s words!)

Fees for this workshop have not been determined. Check back for additional information.

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