Upcoming Meetings

Have you ever wanted to make those beautiful snowflakes (mandalas) with your pointed pen? The March meeting is your chance to learn how to do this! There is no pre-requisite skill required and everyone can do this. We will analyze how to make these and you will be surprised at how easy and simple they are. All you need to bring are the following supplies –

*Pen staff – I suggest a straight pen staff, but you can use an off-set staff, if you prefer
*Pointed pen nib – any type you like, Nikko G, Zebra G, Gillott, Hunt, anything.
*Ink – any type or color (Higgins Eternal, Sumi, Pelikan, whatever you have)
*Practice paper – some white paper will be provided, but feel free to bring your own extra paper
*Ruler or straight edge – 6” is all you need
*Pencil – to make lines
*Eraser – if you want to erase your lines

And, as usual, if you do not have any or all of these, bring whatever you have. There will be plenty of supplies to share.